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You are welcome at our site of cattery “VOSTORG” which is engaged in breeding of the biggest Maine Coon cats. This breed is unique of big size with great intellect, grace and beauty. These animals are very kind, tender and affectionate. The combination of wild appearance of a beast and a good temper amazes every pet-cover.
 The cats of this breed look very original. They are real giants among home cats with long soft hair and similar brush ears. They have calm and compliant characters. That’s why every year the number of cat-fans of this breed becomes greater and greater.
In our cattery Maine Coon cats live like real family-members surrounded with all our love and care. We stay in Moscow. Out cattery is registered according WCF system.
Here you can look at our animals and the history of our breed with all its standards, to see a lot of photos of different shows, exhibitions, presentations and also you can buy a pure-breed kitten to warm your soul and to improve your ambitions.
Personal contact with Maine Coon cat will provide you a great happiness. The cat will become your faithful friend and a perfect companion.
Have a nice day! We hope you will stay with our “VOSTORG” cattery.

The owner of “VOSTORG” cattery,



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